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  • SR1402 EF Potlatch Restoration 2
    Added: Tue. Jul. 19, 2016
    Work proposed in this application is a continuation of work conducted under Phase I. Best management practices to be implemented include forest road abandonment, forest road culvert replacement to ...
  • SR1401 NF Clearwater Habitat Restoration 3
    Added: Tue. Jul. 19, 2016
    Approximately 10.1 miles of the White Pine Loop Road (Cooper Creek to White Pine Creek) road will be re-surfaced with rock to decrease road degradation from erosion and subsequent sediment delivery...
  • SR1308 L. Clearwater River Forestry Enhancement II
    Added: Thu. Jul. 14, 2016
    Implementation of best management practices on private and county lands in Nez Perce County to enhance habitat for endangered Chinook salmon and Steeelhead.
  • SR1307 Rock Creek Steelhead Habitat Restoration
    Added: Thu. Jul. 14, 2016
    Implementation of best management practices on private lands to improve habitat for the benefit of endangered Steelhead.
  • SR1306 Pahsimeroi Salmonid Habitat Protection
    Added: Thu. Jul. 14, 2016
    Purchase conservation easement protection on 5.75 miles of the Pahsimeroi River, .75 miles of Big Creek, .75 miles of Sulphur Creek and .5 miles of Mill Creek. Implement habitat improvements and mo...

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