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  • Community Conservation Grant
    Added: Fri. Oct. 13, 2017
    The City of Springfield converted one traffic island from turf to native wildflowers. The original plan was to convert two traffic islands, but we received partial funding from the grant. We wanted...
  • Badger Creek Culvert Replacement
    Added: Mon. Aug. 07, 2017
    This project replaced a set of compromised culverts under the Springwater Corridor Trail on Badger Creek with a 12' diameter, counter-sunk culvert to improve fish passage and streamflow in the creek.
  • Holland Energy Park
    Added: Fri. Jun. 23, 2017
    Located in Holland, Michigan, the Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) is home to a gas-fired power plant. The site’s Holland Energy Park program is located on a 26-acre wetland that will eventuall...
  • Invasive Plant Species Eradication
    Added: Thu. Apr. 27, 2017
    The removal of invasive plant species in the riparian corridor of Shoal Creek, north and west of the Redings Mill Bridge.
  • Habitat restoration
    Added: Tue. Feb. 28, 2017
    Sarcoxie Cave and Spring, Sarcoxie, Missouri. Restore and protect habitat for Ozark cavefish and Arkansas darter while developing area into low-impact public park.

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