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  • Badger Creek Culvert Replacement
    Added: Mon. Aug. 07, 2017
    This project replaced a set of compromised culverts under the Springwater Corridor Trail on Badger Creek with a 12' diameter, counter-sunk culvert to improve fish passage and streamflow in the creek.
  • Holland Energy Park
    Added: Fri. Jun. 23, 2017
    Located in Holland, Michigan, the Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) is home to a gas-fired power plant. The site’s Holland Energy Park program is located on a 26-acre wetland that will eventuall...
  • Invasive Plant Species Eradication
    Added: Thu. Apr. 27, 2017
    The removal of invasive plant species in the riparian corridor of Shoal Creek, north and west of the Redings Mill Bridge.
  • Habitat restoration
    Added: Tue. Feb. 28, 2017
    Sarcoxie Cave and Spring, Sarcoxie, Missouri. Restore and protect habitat for Ozark cavefish and Arkansas darter while developing area into low-impact public park.
  • South Creek Native Plant Habitat Management
    Added: Mon. Feb. 27, 2017
    Invasive species control in native plant restoration area along one mile of South Creek

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